NRPE (Nagios Remote Plugin Executor) is both a monitoring agent and a secure communication protocol (or not if ssl is disabled). It allows the execution of probes (plugins) on a remote host.

This program installs the NRPE plugin as a custom sensor of the PRTG monitoring solution. To install the plugin you just have to launch the installation program by double clicking on PRTGCompanion_setup.exe and follow the instructions on the screen.

Information and prerequisites:

  • The NRPE plugin must be available in the device
  • Allow incoming and outgoing flows on port 5666 in the firewall of the device
  • The NRPE agent installed on the server you want to monitor
  • Creation of a credential on the device to monitor

Orsenna is a Platinium partner of Paessler, publisher of PRTG.

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